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Weather Resources

Immediately following each winter storm, meteorologists collect, disseminate and verify for accuracy, snow and ice totals across the contiguous United States. Access to winter storm totals are generally made available to you within 48 hours after the conclusion of each winter event! Best of all, there are no long lists of towns to sort through and you do not have to estimate or even guess the accumulation total for your specific city, town or ZIP code.

Keeping you safely ahead of the storm! Winter storms, severe thunderstorms and tropical storms are just some of the types of weather events that will affect your operations this year. Put your mind at ease and become more efficient with WeatherWorks customized Storm Alert services. We help you make the right weather related decisions to save time, money and resources.

WeatherWorks will prepare site-specific, easy to read and understand past weather reports that provide the extent of details and expert analysis. Our expert reports have provided assistance in personal injury, property damage or loss, etc. WeatherWorks has covered a wide range of meteorological topics including: slip-and-falls, snow and ice accumulation, refreeze, the effectiveness of deicers and abrasives, lighting conditions, lightning strikes, floods, return periods of storms and/or unusual events, high winds, fires, catastrophe, hurricanes, and extreme cold to name a few.


US Snow Management prides itself with our current and growing inventory of resources. Last year alone, over 12,000,000 lbs. (6,000 tons) of Rock Salt where applied on asphalt surfaces and 1,078,000 lbs. (21,560 bags) of ice melt where applied on concrete sidewalks nationwide throughout our portfolio.

We had in reserve and allocated to our disposal, another 1,500 additional tons of Rock Salt and 150 pallets of Ice Melt. This means, unlike national, regional and local contractors, we never ran out!

Hundreds of pieces of equipment are in our inventory and were used, like plow trucks, wheel loaders, skidsteers, backhoes, snow pushers, snow blowers and shovelers.

Our rapid expansion throughout the United States is based on our customer's needs and wants. Our success is their success.

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