Winter is coming! Are you prepared?

Free Estimates

Not all properties are the same. At US Snow Management, we design different proposal options to fit your needs. Contact Us today to obtain your Free Estimate. Or, call to speak to a snow specialist at 1-844-4-US-SNOW (1-844-487-7669).

Zero Tolerance Plan

Before the onset of a storm and ice event, an ice control application is applied to all designated areas to prevent the snow from bonding to the pavement. Snow clearing starts at a one (1”) trigger and snow removal services will continue until the storm is completely over. Ice control applications will be applied as needed throughout the event. Monitoring the weather in case of any melting, refreezing and/or snow drifts may occur.

Per Visit / Per Push

At a two (2”) trigger, the property parking lot and sidewalks are cleared. Ice Control such as Rock Salt will be applied to the asphalt areas and Ice Melt will be applied to the concrete area. The property will be serviced in two (2”) increments until the snow and/or ice storm is completed.

Per Event

It is agreed upon amount to clear snow and ice for property based on inches. One price for each storm, a suitable option for any size storm for any size property.

Fixed Seasonal Pricing

A fixed seasonal price to provide snow and ice removal for the entire winter season. One number, regardless how many time the property needs to be service. Never go over budget again!

Hybrid Fixed Seasonal Pricing

A Hybrid fixed price for plowing and shoveling only. The ice control applications will applied and billed on request only.

Time and Material

T & M is an agreed upon hourly pricing for equipment, labor and materials that will fit any size property and storm.